Our story

We are Typeqast. We are there for the special ones; those who disrupt, innovate and believe that technology is the enabler to create a better tomorrow.  style=

What we do

Empower all scale-ups
in Europe

Typeqast started off as a Dutch family conglomerate, but we have since spread our wings to empower all scale-ups in Europe.


We transform the IT hurdle into an enabler for success, share our expertise, build upon partnerships, and deliver state-of-the-art technology.

Development teams as a service

Typeqast serves the most innovative companies by providing agile, affordable and highly-qualified software development teams as a service.

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Our offices

The Netherlands

With over 150 highly talented people (and growing), part of our team is based in the heart of Amsterdam, whereas other team members are working in Croatia.


We have our technology and development centers located in Split, Zagreb, and Osijek where our dedicated teams are working on project development.



We recently opened a technology and development centre in Serbia, where our highly dedicated teams are working on project development. 



In Romania we also have a Typeqast delivery centre. Just like in Croatia and Serbia, our dedicated teams use this technology and delivery centre to deliver on our projects.  











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